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From the CAP Files: The Case of the Missing Evidence

They say that honesty is the best policy but it cost a housekeeper at a major DC hotel her job. One day, at the end of her shift, the housekeeper found a large bag containing alcoholic beverages that had been left outside the employee lounge area.  She turned the bag in to security but on her next scheduled day of work, she was told that she had been accused of attempting to steal the items. Told to resign or face discharge for theft of hotel property, the worker resigned. Thanks to representation by a Metro Council Claimant Advocacy Program attorney, however, the worker was able to collect unemployment benefits when she prevailed at a hearing where the employer failed to present evidence of theft or attempted theft. The Claimant Advocacy Program (CAP) is a free legal counseling service available to individuals who file unemployment compensation appeals in the District of Columbia. Call 202-974-8159 for more info.