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IBLC Donation Drive Benefiting Flint, Michigan

      Most of you are aware of the tragedy that is currently happening up in Flint, Michigan regarding their water supply and the exposure to lead poisoning their residents are faced with.
      The Indiana Black Legislative Caucus has partnered with Monarch Beverage to have a Donation Drive Benefiting Flint, Michigan running from March 3rd – 10th. Donated items can be left at the collection area at the North entrance on the Second Floor of the Statehouse. Public entrances of the Statehouse are located on the East and West sides of the building.
      All proceeds will go to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. You can also donate to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan online by visiting their website.
      In an effort to assist in the day-to-day lives of the residents of Flint, we are collecting more than just bottled water. Below is a list of items that we are collecting:
  • baby wipes
  • paper plates
  • paper cups
  • disposable bowls
  • iron-rich canned or dry foods (tuna, salmon, raisins, prunes, beans, iron-fortified cereal, bread and pasta)
  • calcium-rich canned foods (canned salmon or sardines w/ bones)
  • Vitamin C-rich canned foods (canned tomato juice)
  • bottled water
      In order to help prevent the residents’ need to use the water, we are collecting items such as baby wipes and paper products so that they do not have to wash their babies or dishes in the water.
      Nutrients such as iron, calcium, and Vitamin C help protect children from lead poisoning, so we are collecting dry and canned foods that are enriched with those nutrients.

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