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Dear Supporter,
I’ll be honest with you. This is not the Giving Tuesday email that I had planned to send out today.
At the beginning of this month, when I sat down to write this note, I did so assuming a much different outcome to the presidential election. I assumed that the money we would raise today and through the end of the year would be used to push forward an agenda that would build on the achievements and the challenges of the past eight years. I thought we would be advocating for national wage theft legislation. I thought we would be fighting to strengthen penalties for companies that neglect their workers’ safety on the job. For paid family leave and a living wage. To end deportations and pass comprehensive immigration reform.
But on November 8, everything changed. With the election of Donald J. Trump to the White House, we must prepare for the worst rollback of the rights of working people in 30 years; maybe ever. 
This Giving Tuesday, we’ve set a goal of raising $14,600 — that’s $10 for each day of Trump’s presidency — to ensure the IWJ network has the resources to protect vital workers’ rights over the next four years. 
Given the president-elect’s apparent unwillingness to take a firm stance on pretty much any policy, it’s difficult to know exactly what to expect from a Trump Administration. We are at once encouraged by talk of a massive infrastructure spending bill that would create tens of thousands of jobs yet horrified by discussions of a registry for Americans and immigrants of the Muslim faith and hints of deportation squads that could tear millions of families apart.
The fact is, we have to be ready for anything over the next four years to defend the values of dignity, justice, and egalitarianism that make this country great and to protect the rights of all working people.
Interfaith Worker Justice affiliates have built great working relationships with Department of Labor regional outreach specialists to report wage theft and recover stolen pay. We have successfully lobbied Congress to introduce the Pay Stub Disclosure Act. We have supported executive orders on paid leave, minimum wage, and overtime expansion for federal contractors. 
All of this work is now at risk. 
But with your support, the IWJ network will continue to organize to advance the rights of workers and defend dignity and justice for all.  
Thank you for all you do for worker justice. 
Cathy Junia
Director of Development
Interfaith Worker Justice 

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