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Dear Supporter,

IWJ affiliate New Labor recovered $5,000 in stolen wages during today’s day of action.
Today, working people across the country are taking action in their communities to fight a wage theft epidemic that robs workers of $50 billion annually. 

To put that in perspective, $50 billion is more than all the wealth lost to robberies, burglaries, larcenies, and cases of identity theft each year combined. 

And while wage theft can take many different forms —forcing employees to clock out before the work is done, refusing overtime pay, and outright denial of pay, to name a few— the good news is that there’s a simple step that Congress could take TODAY to ensure working people get paid in full for their labor. 

The Pay Stub Disclosure Act would create a national pay stub standard for all working people. The law would also give workers the right to inspect their employers’ records to ensure fair payment. 

IWJ affiliated worker centers and faith and labor organizations have been working for years to challenge individual employers to pay up on stolen wages, to pass local ordinances increasing the penalties for wage theft, and educating their communities on how to take action if a worker suspects he or she has been the victim of wage theft.

This work will continue until we end wage theft in America once and for all. Passing the Pay Stub Disclosure Act will be a significant step in this direction. 

In solidarity,

Ryan Wallace
Director of Organizing
Interfaith Worker Justice

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