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Right now, Senate and House leadership are discussing what to do with your tax dollars. On top of the $20 billion already given to Homeland Security to detain and deport our families, Donald Trump wants $3 billion more.

He will add these billions to his deportation machine by slashing funding for other programs that people desperately need. Join us today in calling our representatives to make our values heard as they negotiate the 2017 federal budget.

Raise your voice: Call 1.855.999.8503 to tell Congress that people of faith want a ZERO DOLLAR increase in the budget for more enforcement agents, prison beds for immigrant mothers and fathers, and the building of a border wall.

Donald Trump wants this additional $3 billion in order to speed up his deportation machine. Yet these are wasted billions for a system already flush with money that doesn’t actually keep our families safe.

We want education, NOT prisons; health and safety, NOT family separation; community investment, NOT finacial breaks for the rich.

Help us stop this harmful increase in the budget.

ACT NOW: Call 1.855.999.8503 to remind Congress that we expect a federal budget that reflects our values. Tell them to put families first by investing in things like health care and the social safety net, NOT in spending billions on a border wall, detention beds and deportation forces.


In this moment, we must be the moral compass of this nation, acting together so that no one stands alone.



Richard Morales
Immigration Policy Director
LA RED, PICO National Network

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