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Gold Building Salsa Takeover!

Thursday May 23 from 10am to 12pm at

Indianapolis City Market 222 Market Street Indianapolis IN, 46204

Join SEIU Local 1 Janitors for a salsa dance party in the lobby of 151 N Deleware St to stand up and get down for good jobs in Indianapolis.

In January, Mission Peak Capital, property manager for 151 N Deleware and 251 E Ohio St, chose an irresponsible janitorial contractor for their properties. As a result, all 25 janitors lost their jobs, including Janitors with more than a decade of service in the buildings.

Actions like this – replacing a responsible company like the previous cleaning company with an irresponsible actor like Bulldog Cleaning – is the reason why so many Indianapolis Janitors are forced into lives of poverty despite their hard work.

It’s all too common for Janitors to work 2 or more jobs, with few if any benefits. Fortunately, they are working hard through their Union to improve standards in the commercial janitorial market so they and their families can have the opportunity to leave poverty in their dust.

We’ve had lots of meetings with Mission Peak management, and the workers have shared their stories time after time. To their credit, Mission Peak listened – at first. They agreed to place the bad actor Bulldog on probation and explore options that would return the janitors to work and make sure their building set high standards and wasn’t contributing to the problem in Indy.

After a prayrer vigil in April, they even acknowledged that they’ve invited other cleaning companies to bid on the opportunity to provide responsible cleaning services. However, since that time, they’ve refused to commit to a time line to make a switch. They’ve said they just don’t share the urgency that our Janitors feel for good jobs.

We want to make sure that everyone involved understands just how urgent this decision is for the janitors who cannot afford to wait any longer. Its been nearly 5 months, and its time to kick Bulldog to the curb and use a responsible cleaning contractor who will bring the janitors back to work and be a parter in improving cleaning jobs across the city.

So let’s STAND UP and GET DOWN for good jobs!