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Hi Nancy,


The Trump Department of Labor is moving quickly to push a new rule that will make tips the property of restaurant owners rather than workers.
Backed by the National Restaurant Association, the chain restaurant lobby, this rule is just another attempt to keep workers’ wages low and let customers make up the difference.
Time is running out – they want to sneak this rule through without hearing from workers, customers, or even employers who disagree. They’ve opened the shortest-ever comment period in the history of the department, during the busiest time of year for restaurant workers. We only have until January 4th to let the DOL know we won’t let them take workers’ tips without a fight.
In a new video from ATTN in collaboration with ROC, Jane Fonda explains why this rule will hurt restaurant workers – especially women.
This rule is appalling and dangerous. It would force a majority-women workforce into further poverty, economic instability, and vulnerability to sexual harassment and assault.
Thank you,
Saru, Mamdouh, Siby & the ROC United Team
Tell the DOL that tips belong to workers!