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Goals of the Center

End Wage Theft

More than 16,000 workers access workers centers each year, and 80 percent are victims of wage theft. Wage theft happens in every industry, victimizing millions of workers. Our goal is to put an end to wage theft.

Corporate Justice

Some corporations have standardized poor working conditions and low pay, and stifled collective bargaining rights. Our goal is to urge corporations to become leaders in an economy that uplifts the Common Good.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

More than 11 million undocumented people are living in this country. Without legal status immigrant workers are victims of every kind of labor abuse and cannot protect their rights without fear of deportation. Our goal is to help provide a clear path to citizenship and strong worker protections.

Educational Outreach

It takes a community to grow an informed and educated workforce. The Center will offer Employment law seminars like “Know Your Rights as an Employee” and other worker-related topics as needed. Please watch for event announcements on Facebook and by email.